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Chronic Migraine

Female, 43 years old, home user of 980nm Delta

“I had been experiencing chronic migraine for 20 years and the pain was excruciating. The attacks were regular and each week I would feel pain at least 1-2 times lasting for up to three days. I was taking pills for the pain for so many years that I was diagnosed with addiction to pharmaceuticals. Then I was introduced to the 980nm Delta laser and I started my daily treatments. I would treat several points on the head and neck. After the second week, the improvement was there, the pain was a bit less. The relief was enormous when after seven weeks I was completely pain-free. Even after 4 months after the treatment course, the pain never returned.”

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Kidney Inflammation

Female, 46 years old, therapist sessions with coMra Delta 980nm

“After mononucleosis and Lyme disease, I started to have pain in my kidneys every Spring and Autumn accompanied with digestive issues and weakness. I was really tired all the time and was finally diagnosed with Chronic fatigue. Then the doctors concluded an additional diagnosis of Kidney inflammation and they put me on prescription drugs - antibiotics. By this time I was introduced to 980 Delta laser by a therapist in a small town nearby and we started with three coMra sessions per week focusing only on the kidneys but the improvement was not satisfactory. After my fifth visit and looking closely at my case, the therapist decided that we need to treat the nervous system too and this is what made the difference for me. We applied coMra Universal treatment 7 plus the usual kidney treatment. My pain levels dropped from 8 to 3 (0-10) and I felt how my energy was coming back. Then I continued with it two times per week and started thinking of getting my own coMra device.”

Chronic depression, knee issues

Maria C. Isaza, 71 years old, home user of coMra Delta laser

“I was 20 years on antidepressants prescribed for acute chronic depression, taken on a daily basis. Then I developed an allergy - the skin got really irritated at night, if touched it led to eruption. I also developed osteoarthritis. So, 2 years ago I started with Delta laser applying daily coMra Universal treatment 7, in the morning and the evening. Three months later, I started to feel much better and decreased the pragmaten doses. It took 1 year to gradually quit the pill. Now, already 1 year I am completely drug-free even though I had 2-3 strong episodes. My regular exercise and meditation together with good nutrition and my daily coMra treatment helped to recover from depression without reverting to any medication. I was also diagnosed with incipient leukemia and had knee issues which required surgery. Then I included leukemia treatments and also a knee program, so now I feel very well, my knee is fine and I didn’t undergo any surgery at all.”

Elbow Trauma

Female, 61 years old, home user of 980nm Delta Laser

“I was Walking the dog and I fell over a steep slope on the tip of my elbow. The pain was severe. I was afraid that I needed to go to the hospital as I had never seen swelling as big as this one. It was good that I had my Delta laser just a month ago and I started with it right away for at least half an hour. The pain decreased by half and the swelling was gone, only the bruise stayed. Then I continued for two week doing treatments every day on 50 Hz. After that all was fine, only the tip of the elbow remained sensitive.”

Treating an injury of the shoulder - the rotator cuff

Augustín Parra, 50 years old, home user of Delta Laser

“Two years ago I had an injury in my shoulder which affected the rotator cuff. Although I was going to physiotherapy three times per week, I couldn't see any improvement. Then I was introduced to the Delta Laser and decided to try for two weeks 3 times per day without going to physiotherapy. The laser treatment was applied on the specific points of the injury at the rotator cuff and the arm for the irradiated pain. Then after these 2 weeks, I visited the doctor and he was surprised by the improvement I had. I also noticed a decrease of the pain and increased mobility. Then with the support of the Delta Laser, the physiotherapy sessions started presenting a positive effect. After 6 months of coMra treatment, my improvement was more than 80 percent. Today I feel no pain anymore.”

Chikungunya Infection - Knee & Back Pain

Female, coMra treatment sessions with the Delta laser in a clinic

“I got the Chikungunya virus 4 years ago and then I developed knee and back pain which made walking very hard. I needed to stop after a few steps and I had to take ibuprofen for the severe pain. I started to go to a clinic for my Delta treatments and was combining them with homeopathy. The first three weeks the treatments were two times per week and after that one time per week, ten sessions altogether. After the second treatment the pain went from 8 to 5 (0-10) and the walking was much easier. After the 10th treatment session, the pain was reduced to 3-4 and I was able to walk almost one kilometer. I even signed up to go for a trip.”

Acute wound – wrist cut

Male, 28 years old, home user of 905nm Delta Laser

“I cut my wrist on a blunt object, the wound was about 4cm long and less than 1cm deep. After the bleeding slowed down and the wound cleaned, I started with the 905nm Delta laser immediately using it as a first aid device for the wound. I was treating the wound for at least 40min the first time. After that, I continued with the Delta laser for 2-3 times per day with different frequencies. I was combining the treatments with homeopathy and did half a course of antibiotics. I also added coMra Universal treatments 4 and 5. After two weeks, the wound was completely closed but I continued with the treatments and even added the Aesthetic terminal for the skin scar.”

Varicose ulcers

Female, 62 years old, sessions with 980nm Delta by a doctor

“I was Struggling with varicose ulcers on both legs for 5 years, however I was diagnosed with other serious conditions too like diabetes, hepatitis, ischemia and hypertension. I was treated twice daily for three weeks with 980nm Delta by a doctor, Surgery 8 and Spleen treatments were applied. After the first treatment I felt a pleasant warm feeling in my legs. The ulcers started to heal very fast after the second week of treatments. Then after three weeks of coMra treatment sessions some of the ulcers were partially healed, less pain, my feet were warmer. The ulcers started to heal very fast after the second week of treatments.”

Acute bruise - back, hip and head

Fabio Andrés Montoya, 36 years old, coMra representative in Colombia, home user of 980nm Delta laser

“I Fell on my back on a sharp stone corner which caused acute bruises on my back, hips and head. Started with local treatments over the bruise with the 980nm Delta laser, twice daily for 10 mins. Also, I added systemic Universal treatment 7. So, on Day 9, the bruise was almost not visible anymore and there was no swelling after the fall.”

Animal Large Wound - A Dog

Provided by Georg Beining, coMra representative in Chile, in-clinic treatments with the Delta laser

“A stray dog with a visible age of 1,5 year was attacked by three other dogs which resulted in a large wound in the lumbar area. The dog was then taken to a clinic where she was treated with a Delta laser for 10 days. Then she was taken to a new home, where she was treated with coMra every 2-3 days for the next two weeks. Although she was not treated with coMra for a month after that, her wound healed at about 80% for two months. Three months after that, there was only a scar left from that large wound on her back.”